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if approved that new crime reduction team of both waserman and bradden will cost the city $250,000. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> police are not releasing a lot of information about a deadly shooting by a police officer this morning. officers say they could hear a woman screaming in the background of a 911 call from the apartment. they arrived and were confronted by an armed man. police say the officers were forced to shoot the man butúj4 refused to give more detail autos there is more than one officer involved. however, i will not disclose identities for number involved but there are no officers injured in this incident. >> police would not say what provoked this shooting. the district attorney joined the investigation. ples say this is the city's first officer involved shooting since 2001. >> in oakland, business owners
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frightened and frustrated after returning to work to find their shops vandalized over the christmas holiday. sometime tuesday night, someone smashed windows in stores. the back wind yof a van was broken. and the operator says this type of crime is just too common in the neighborhood. >> if this will go on and on and on with, out being an end, then, probably i'll have another thought ofri-c probably, you know, moving somewhere into some business. >> officials say an under staffed police force is occupied with higher priority crime autos san francisco city attorney launched an effort to refund $4 million to customers of check and go. he says the pay day lender skirted state law, giving loans online with rates of up to 400%.
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they will work with groups to identify borrowers. >> firefighters still on the scene of an apartment fire in oakland. crews inspected the building which is on 83rd avenue near international boulevard. no word yet on what caused this blaze. but damage seems to be concentrated at the rear of the building. >> a man is in custody after a standoff in a gas station in san francisco. sky 7 hd over the scene when police responded to a report of a man with a knife acting strangely. the man locked himself into a bathroom and took an hour and a half to talk him out. the person booked for disorderly conduct at san francisco police department mission station. >> a tow truck driver suffered injury whez crossed the center divide, hitting three oncoming cars. the driver is expected to recover. sky 7 is overhead at the time
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two. other drivers suffered injuries. the cause of the accident remains under investigation. >> well we know the next weather system is on the way. folks have just finished clean up from the last storm, trying to get ready for the next one. >> not much of a break. we're live from san rafael tonight. hi, john. >> san rafael got some of the heaviest rain. several inches before that will now there is a little bit of a break and worthers are take advantage of the dry spell. workers cleaning leaves and other debris there>/=x this, is where all of the street runnoff ends up whenever it rains here. the water drags in tree branches. the department of public works has to keep this clear so the pumps can flush it out to the bay to prevent flooding.
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>> i'm hearing wednesday, thursday next week there is another system coming in giving us the opportunity too catch up and clean the city storm drain systems to prevent problems in the future. >> public works says eight, two-person crews working around the clock. the supervisor says he's not seen this much saturation in probably 15 years. now, they're catching a little bit of a breather until heading into the next rain he venlt. abc 7 news. >> john, thank you. >> as you heard, more rain is on the way after a brief, but pleasant dry spell. >> yes. spencer christian is away. now, accuweather updates. >> looking at live doppler 7 hd, clear skies, a few high, thin clouds moving through. we do have our live doppler 7 hd will be tracking a storm soon with national weather service down in monterey bay. the storm going to be coming
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in from northwest. we'll see affects of it as early as tomorrow evening so 4:00 p.m. friday, you can see cloud cover increasing. rain lines still up in cue kaia. you'll notice rain starts+.p shift around coastal areas and in, locally by 11:00 p.m. notice heaviest rain is off the coastline. the computer models not bringing in as much rain. many areas could remain dry. i'll be back with a look at the forecast including the weekend and new year's eve if you have plans i'll let you know if rain will dampen them. >> thank you so much. >> a powerful winter storm spawned tornadoes and blizzard weather is dumping lots of snow in the northeast. >> you can see what it's like this, is what driving looks like in new york state. bulldozers are busy clearing snow from roads. as much as two feet is expected in maine. dozens of flights have been cancelled. the storm is causing freezing temperatures. >> some amazing video from
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outside of a walgreens store in mobile, alabama. debris being tossed around as a tornado approaches. the wall greens was not severely damaged. the national weather service says tornado had winds up to 135 miles per hour and being blamed for three deaths in the area. >> those are incredible picture autos scary moments for paings aboard a southwest plane in long island airport. jet getting ready for take off, veering off the runway and got stuck in the mud no. one was injured and a passenger said people stayed calm as moveable stairs were brought in to get everyone off the plane. >> this is the story of holiday giving gone wild. a group held an event to announce they'd raised $8500 to restore city park burned down by a fire in september. pg&e was there to give them
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another $12,5,000 just $4,000 short of meeting the goal. that is when pge stepped in to make the difference. >> i'd like to see maybe the)pq city put in a motion activated camera with some upgraded lighting. >> city park built in 2006 by pg&e volunteers. damage from the arson estimated at $250,000. >> well still ahead here, connecticut school shooting prompts changes in the video game industry. >> and look at this video out of china. what caused a shark aquarium to burst sending shoppers into panic. >> an animal rescue group trying to help an orphanned bob cat with an unusual problem. >> taking a look outside, boy, it looks like holidays are over. look at the commute going into the east bay.
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this is a mess, a little bit better for the peninsula you know? you've got to be patient out there. ñsñs
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we want to show you incredible video out of china showing a 33 ton shark tank exploding in shanghai. just a huge wave of water just stops on the onlookers. 15 people were injured. none critically. three lemon sharks and dozens of smaller fish died.
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shanghai officials say cold temperatures and shod yes materials made the glass so brittle. >> trouble here, some scary moments for shoppers in a sacramento mall after reports of gunfire last night. people ran for safety. to started about 5:00 in the afternoon ai. group of 20 teens pushed shoppers and knocked over things creating a lot of noise, sounding like gunfire, sending people scrambling for cover. stores locked down, shoppers afraid of another mass shooting. happen. hid hinld the counter at macy's. and then, i was like, we need ñkt this mall was reopened but few returns.l was reopened but
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violent video game makers removed links to gun makers on the web sitd of its popular game. link as loued gamers to brows and purchase some swep ons featured in the shooter games.
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the violentñmsdr video games hae come under increased scrutiny. >> popularity of e books rising in the u.s.. a survey says it nearly a quarter of americans over age ⌜cgkve identified themselves as e-book readers. a 7% jump from last year, on the other hand number of printed book readers dropped 5%. few found that for the first time, amount of people who read e-books and net flix gearing up the city p company waited for a bill that removes restriction on cop companies from sharing video rental history. once it has the green light, users can share which movies they watched with friends on facebook. stocks closing lower on concerns about the fiscal cliff. but erasing earlier losses as news of the u.s. house will discuss the budget in a
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special talk sunday night. shares of oracle and cisco weighing down. tim cook is one of the companies taking a 99% pay cut this year that is not too bad. valued at $4 million but not getting stock awards last year. last year's check was $378 mill yichblt all the stock awards he got for the past decade.,ogzm that is a good number. >> yes. even for those in the media business, not so bad. we'll let you guys compare that to the calm we get in this business. >> that is what you call calm. >> he did a better year. >> thank you. >> well, sandhya patel in for spencer christian. >> more rain is coming. >> today's beautiful day. it's time to get umbrellas out.eç let me show you a live picture. i want to show you how gorgeous it looks.
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looking towards richmond bridge skpuk see wispy clouds out there. and really a beautiful day. here is what live doppler 7 is showing you. mostly sunny skies across the area here. we will be tracking more rain heading into your friday night. here are temperatures there into 50s. nice winter day, you can see 57 in oakland. 53 san jose. there is a look at highlights. showers for saturday morning snow level lowering friday night. saturday morning could drop as low as 3,000 feet so rain snow mix possible over highest peaks locally. so high pressure weakening today, you enjoy that had dry day thanks to this ridge of high pressure there. is a storm developing and this is not going to be your typical storm rainl4 will return by but this system womenwill
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skirt coastline, bringing us rain. l you'll see it hereu!+0, lookg at 4:00 p.m. we have clouds around. rain beginning to approach, heading1t8d into 8:00 hour, its still just along the san mateo coast, not much inland progress there. we may see a mix of rain and snow amounting. and this storm continues to slide south, barely making it eastward towards livermore, south bay, half moon bay, saturday, 3:00 a.m. light to moderate rain, then, rain taper to showers by 8:00 a.m. saturday. and it's pretty much done. most of saturday afternoon looks fine, partly cloudy skies for afternoon. rainfall totals lower than what we showed you last night. quarter to a half inch is the
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highest we can find. tenth to a quarter inch. you'll notice there is some blues showing up here. by saturday afternoon, some may escape rain drops as the system will remain off the coast. it kicks up the surf. northwestern swell 10-14 feet. watch out for large, breaking waves thchl may be something that you decide to go check out beaches just be careful. tomorrow morning, mid-30s into coldest inland valleys. and tomorrow afternoon, temperatures into upper 40s to north, low to mid-50s else wr. increasing cloud cover sheemplt look at the acht. saturday morning showers, then drying out for you, coiled sunday morning and a dry afternoon. new year's eve, sunny skies and milder. by evening, dry. keeping it dry for 2013. this is a start. can't please everyone. wednesday go,ing into thursday, we'll bring rain back into the forecast. >> there you go.
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>> thank you very much. >> coming up next, the topless ons this orphanned bob cat kitten is getting because it's too nice. >> actor known as mcdreamy wants to get into the coffee business in real life. >> taking a look outside on the bay bridge toll plaza, things are moving. wow, okay. that is better than earlier. people trying to get on the bridge. it's slow there. do you know what? it's working. >> at least not raining. >> it's a holiday. we'
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>> this little guy is cute. >> he is cute this, injured bob cat rescued and is getting tough lessons on hatinguxq hums before being release food the wild. >> chips the bob cat look as dorable and acts it, too. then, only weeks old, chips nuzzled up to a firefighter and won his heart. >> she's in rehabilitation in an animal shelter getting ground up mice for food but now, shaez to catch her own. there are concerns she may in the survive because she's human friendly. >> chips is paired with wild bob cats. she'll be released when she hises at humans that approach her. making her lessujb0ñ adorable. >> kinld of happens in the newsroom a few time autos yes. >> and a grey's anatomy star looking to rescue a major
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coffee chain. >> kate winslet married again. >> actress kate winslet married in 1998, then in, 2003. now, third time, tying the knot again. her representative says she married 34-year-old ned rock and roll early this month. the nephew of richard branson. the private ceremony included her two children, family and friends. there is baby news for the rock band kings of leon. the drum skbrer his wife welcome their first child yesterday in nashville. wrote i can proud lay nouns the birth of my sweet angel violet. my heart has been stolen and gray's star patrick dempsey hoping to save jobs of hundreds of coffee workers leading a group close to purchasing the tully's coffee
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shop chain filing for bankruptcy in october. he says he's excited to help worker skbz give back. seattle, both the company and the fictional hospital are based. i'm tony cabrerra in los angeles. >> still ahead russia is about to ban adoptions by american sit sins. why they will crush the hopes of many parents. >> and the president back in washington with four days still to go before that so called fiscal cliff arrives. both sides trading blame today. >> also here, big change coming from people who park in san francisco. you can tell you won't like the news. >> if you're looking to buy a new car, now is a great time. i'll tell you why you n
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another day closer to falling off the fiscal cliff. and from all appearances no compromise is in sight. today, the president returned to washington. he's sending lawmakers a scaled down plan to avoid that fiscal cliff. abc 7 mark matthews brings us up to speed on gridlock. >> sticking point continues to
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be tax cuts z in starting to look like no deal before the january 1 deadline. this may already be too late. five days until the fiscal cliff. hairy reid admitted a deal seems unlikely. >> i have to be honest. i don't know time wise how it can happen now. >> reid called john boehner a dictateor and paintin painting -- pointing blame on him. >> we're here in washington working. wile members of the house of representatives are out watching movies and watching the kids play soccer and baseball. john boehner seems to care more about keeping his speakership. >> the republican leader says the democrats have failed. the only reason democrats have been trying to deflect
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attention on to me and my colleagues over the past few weeks is that they zront a plan of their own. >> the president return forward a last minute push before leaving on vacation in hawaii. he had separate phone conversations but it isn't clear talks helped. >> hopefully there is time for an agreement of some kind. >> washington's failure threatens to undermine the fragile economic recovery. americans face big tax hikes on newer's day. and treasury department warns the dopt will be soon unable to pay bills, the treasury says we're about to bump into that debt ceiling. it's not looking great. a way to calculate how much you'll have to pay if we go over the cliff. the fiscal cliff tax calculator. we've got it and will show you how to use it at 6:00. >> thank you. a work work -- new york woman
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accused of trying to scam donors by posing as a relative of one of the children killed in that elementary school. she's charged with lying to fbi agents this, is video of her leaving court. prosecutor says she used the facebook account, telephone calls to ask for donations for what she called a funeral fund. alba denied accusations when contacted by the fbi. 20 children and six adults were killed in december, on the 14th when a gunman opened fire in newtown. >>á[a6ñ russian president vladir putin says he will sign a bill to ban americans from adopting russian children that. takes affect new year's day. that left pro suspective adoptivetçoññ parents in tushl . >> vladimir putin says he plans to sign a controversial new law banning u.s. adoptions. that dashes hopes and dreams of hundreds of american who's
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are trying to adopt russian orphans. many of them with special needs. officials have said even 46 cases will be frozen. the children will be offered to russian families. american parents thought they'd be bringing a child home soon are now left wondering if thil see them again. >> it's a heart breaking process. we've started to prepare our home, not remodeling or painting or buying furniture but just preparing the emotional state of our home and ourselves and oufr children for the change that is going to occur. >> the ban is part of russia's retaliation for a set of human rights sanctions passed and signed into law this month by president obama. russia is the third most popular country for americans to adopt. over 60,000 have happened since the fall of the soviet union but adoptions to the u.s. have become a political football in russia. officials
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point to cases of 19 children died after being adopted by americans. the issue caught fire in 2010 when this boy was put back on a plane alone to russia by his adoptive mother in tennessee. a poll here found the majority of russians support the ban but this sparked outrage many who say this is playing politics for children. >> you hope it's not a door shut but just, that this is an obstacle, a delay. and we do not know. >> and we're just getting word from the ap retired u.s. general norman swartzcpf died. a much decorated combat soldier in vietnam, he was known sometimes as stormin
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norman. he was 78 years old. >> family and friends continue to visit former president george hw bush in an intensive care unit of a houston hospital. he's the oldest living former president, optized at methodist hospital last month with a chronic cough and just transfered to icu because of a persistent high fever. doctors treating this disease but have not found what is caution it. the elder bush is 88 years old, suffering from vascular parkinism, making his legs immobile. >> a longstanding parking policy is ending and may catch many people off guard. watch out this, is the last sunday you may be able to park for free. >> well, it's the end of an era. as far as that one day break from these parking meters is
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concerned. td municipal transportation agency says it's not about the money they say, about management. parking management. this first parking meter installed in 1947. since then, sundays have been sacred but that is about to come to an end. >> in 1940s a policy was put into place because businesses were closed now, about 70% of the businesses are open so. makes sense to have a parking management in place. >> i like the idea 12:00 to 6:00? because it keeps traffic moving. >> robbycurs> this is not good former
4:34 pm
chants. i think the customer would is like to have a little break not to worry about metering. >> all 29,000 meters will operate on sundays from noon until 6:00 p.m. >> sunday is supposed to be a free day. so that is going to be a very awful thing to do. >> all meters have been redesigned to take prepayments for up to four hours at a time. the mta hope that's will satisfy religious leaders worried about parishioners bolting from service to avoid a ticket. the executive director of the council believes must policies could make going to worship more costly, less convenient. >> maybe having to pay for meters on sunday is going to impact either decision to come back or what they're going
4:35 pm
give back to faith communities. >> first three sundays the month of january, the mta will be issuing warnings, notcç3j citations. >> all right z if you think rates are in san francisco they're worse in chicago. starting january 1 will cost $6.50 an hour to park in the downtown meters. rates have doubled since 2008 that. puts chicago ahead of san francisco, i guess that is good news. and the most-expensive place to park in the country. parking in manhattan, $5 an hour, los angeles, $4. boston charging just $1 and a quarter. >> expensive to park in chicago and really cold. >> coming up next what is behind the decline in cancer screening in the united states? >> plus, look at that guy kick. he's kicking with great precision. a team asked him to tryout.
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>> and i'm sandhya patel. a live look from our sturo camera looking towards mount diablo there. it's going to be cold tonight. bundle up. i'll show when you live doppler 7 hd will be tracking a storm. >> outside we go. golden gate bridge looking sticky getting into san francisco. not so bad heading into marin. stay with us. abc 7 news
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a viral video did more than just make a norwegian man famous but got him a tryout with the nfl this, is he kicking the ball with amazing accuracy and the video has been seen a million times and a pro scout saw it and got him to tryout this week for the new york jets. >> and watched the video them. want immediate to go dry tri out. >> good leg. scouts compare him to kicker sebastian janikowski, who is polish. >> i like the little banner, kick alicious. >> sandhya patel is back with the forecast.
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is there more rain come something. >> yes. as you look here, now, just high clouds approaching but we'll be seeing rain in the very near future, if you have plans, snow is winding down in new england area, northeast but there is a winter storm warning across this region for tomorrow, will be fine if you're traveling there. so far, one to almost two feet snof has fallen. snow for chicago, minneapolis. you can see it's cold there. some storms are possible around new orleans. denver, partly cloudy skies. towards seattle, we'll see rain and higher elevations snow. wit state wide going to be snowing in eureka with the rain. by tomorrow night looking at snow showers develg÷]ys heading into saturday but didn't look like a big he venlt. sunshine in los angeles, 63.
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here in the bay area, temperatures coming down as clouds increase, low to mid-50s foremost except around clear lake area, you'll see upper 40s, first could be seeing snow. and that is about 4,000 feet initially. a mix of rain, snow saturday morning possible over higher elevations. so we'll be watching. >> thank you. >> well, coming up, getting ready for a big stage. a high school band making history. >> and first, some say yoga is the fastest growing sport. latest trend among yoga is children. and kids only studios are popping up. >> we have a recall on a story i told but this month. the stores now pulling this baby recliner off
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four national retailers agreed to recall hundreds of thousands of baby recliner autos this is a story michael finney has been following closely. he's here with the latest.
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>> yes. i'm concerned about this one. the nap nanny were recalled after five infant deaths and dozens of reports of children nearly falling out of the seats. the consumer products safety commission says retailers pulling products are amazon, bye-bye waib baby toys are us and babies are us them have participated in the recall because nap nanny manufacture has reportedly gone out of business.lf r saying the nap nanny has dangerous design defects and confusing warnings and instructions. the recall covers nap nanny, generations one and two, and the chill model infant recliners sold between 2009 and 2012. we have all of the information on our web site that is abc 7, check under see it on tv. >> you've been all over that. you have more information about this year's best calls for good money. >> this is a fun story. now an excellent time to buy a
4:46 pm
owe 2013 car. if you take advantage of the end of the month and end of the year deals but there is more than just a good price. consumer reports is out with latest list of best value cars. >> ticker price is one thing, how much will a car cost you? the consumer reports says it's poor reliability means it could coast you in the long run. turns out paying $500 more for hyundai ak sent is a better value with better reliability a nicer car to boot.lm)v torts is out with the list. >> our value scores based on three elements. road test stores, predictedigh reliability and how much it will cost to own the car five years. >> consumer/dhñ reports says the toyota prius offers the best value with a sticker price of
4:47 pm
under $30,000. consumer reports says over tirj the prius costs are economical. on the other end of the spectrum, bmi is over $100,000 and cost $1.80 a mile. >> every category have good, and bad performers. you want space and a good value. we recommend a wagon, small suv or a minivan. >> good choices include toyota sienna and or mazda five if you're looking for a smaller vehicle, consumer reports says 49 cents a mile to own and operate. it is, get this, a lot of fun to drive telling you consumer reports changed.
4:48 pm
if they care it's fun to drive. >> it's true. >> thank you.w?-qp >> sure now, fewer americans getting screened for cancer, experts are partly blaming experts and the researchers blame lack of health insurance, they also say a lot of folks are confused about when to get tested because of conflicting recommendations from u.s. preventative services task force and american cancer society.$)e >> you know, yoga is a big deal, becoming more popular but it's the latest fitness craze among kids with kids only studios and programs in school popping up all over the country. >> some say yoga is the fastest growing sport in the nation with 20 mimin people track miss -- track missing. >> there are yoga classes for
4:49 pm
kids of all ages from infants up to teenagers. there are classes for toddlers like my daughter. you're going to see foundations of yoga. there is awareness of movement and depth. there is a tremendous amount of create activity. there is an inner play between teacher and children. >> i'm here with a group of 6 to 9-year-old yogis showing me what a kid class is like. is more pl. >> kids are stressed with social pressures and pressures in school. you know? >> this clears your mind off thing that's bother you. >> parents should look fr a registered children yoga instructor. a good start is yoga alliance web site. be sure to develop a relationship with the teacher.
4:50 pm
experts and parents say benefits extend well beyond the studio. >> i just notice, she's eager to be home, sit do, home work skpb more focused. >> there are great resources so whether you know you're in a small community or larger community you can integrate practices and teachings of >> abc news, new york. >> looks cute. >> adorable, yeah. >> still ahead, they're not roasting marshmallow autos it appears people are not the only one who's enjoy a good camp fire. stay with us. >> in gilroy an award winning marching band and color guard from south bay will be!7u makig history in the tournament of roses parade. you'll hear how, coming up. >> coming up... new on abc 7 news at 5:00 trouble with san
4:51 pm
francisco parking management program how a glitch could leave drivers circling longer. >> hundreds of new laws will hit books soon what. will be illegal for californians on january 1. just days from now. that is at 5:00.hkxañ;x;x;x;x$ú
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the not only is a san jose high school band going to be performing in the tournament of roses parade but the students will be marching from a bandx never done before. and two bands first joint rehearsals today in gilroy. this practice taking place in the parking lot in a theme park. the real performance will be on national television. >> we're ready to go and prepared. excited.
4:55 pm
>> valley christian high school not only marching in the tournament of roses parade but the first band, ever to team up with one from another nation. beijing number 57 high school. before today, the only time the two groups met was on a visit to china in the school provided this video. >> we're a very excited about the opportunity. challenge is limited rehearsal times. so that is what we have, here, doing today. >> two bands have been practicing more than a year, language is a barrier, music is a common. soon how shares her thoughts. >> she's glad we can practice together. just be able to communicate, and make friends. >> together they call themselves east meets west fusion band n addition, the performances must move in perfect step to negotiate a tricky turn on the parade route.
4:56 pm
all eyes and cameras will be watching as they hittbem colorao boulevard in pasadena. >> i have never heard of a 105 degree turn. it's scary. >> some nerves are expected. but mostly, they just can't wait for the world to hear the sound they make as one. >> we'll hear two cultures coming together with a boom, boom, boom. >> if you tune in, valley christian will be wearing blue uniforms, beijing 57 dressed in red. together, music will make history. >> now, you can watch the band new year's morning here on abc 7. what an an exciting
4:57 pm
opportunity. >> listen to this, looks like we're not the only one who's like to keep warm by a fire. >> these monkeys also gather around to keep cold at bay. >> now, the monkeys lie around the fire warming their back side autos zoo keepers use fire to bake sweet potatoes >> don't they like stores. >> that is going to do it for us. >> we appreciate it. stay tuned now. >> a rare police shooting in a quiet community. why police say they have no choice but to open fire a sleep over in the east bay. live where people are settling in. >> i'm sandhya patel.
4:58 pm
rain is on the way. possibly snow. what our live doppler 7 will be tracking. >> woe begin with a rare officer involved shooting under investigation tonight. i'm cheryl jeng autos police are releasing new details on a first of its kind shooting in more than a decade. abc 7 news is live where it happened on creekside drive. >> i just earned id here this morning. this is a 2 to-year-old beyond that, police getting few details releasing very little information today saying they stwart a call early this morning and there are sounds of a disturbance. then, they arrived there was a deadly confrontation with this man. >> they were confronted armed
4:59 pm
subjects inside of an apartment. >> police say they had no choice, showing up at this apartment at 3:156789 police say they responded to a call where a woman owe could be heard screaming in the background. and officers found themselves face-to-face with a man carrying an undisclosed weapon. >> they were forced to shoot that individual. and that sproid announced deceased at the scene. >> neighbor told abc 7 news he was asleep until he heard noises he didn't immediate recognize. >> i was just woken up by the sound of sleep. >> police say one officer was involved in this shooting. investigators would not reveal how many shots were fired or whether the man had a gun or fired at police. the officers involve have had been qek questered. like all of walnut creek this
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